creature projects

9c8ea15cMy Reaper Project I had the idea of a flying creature living in the swamps that has a hive inside it and is surrounded by the swarm like a misty cloak of bloodsuckers. This was incredibly challenging and not everything turned out right but this is definitely a first for me.4b681b63Well, this was all in all quite a rewarding project! Since I don't have photoshop I did have to improvise a bit but found I was able to adopt a few things to use with Clip studio, I really took away quite a bit from this course and look forward to trying the creature brief!  


And Phoenix Project done! somethings could be better but probably my best so far! 

Had a hard time finding colours that I liked ended up using a tiger and lion for some inspiration adding tuffs of fur on the tail and heels to go with the mane and I went with a blue eye for some contrast. 


1ad50c7eThe Goliath Project! at long last! 

Took a while to figure out what I was going for but it definitely came together in the end! :D


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