creative.bynight - an artsy, aesthetic IG

creative.bynight - an artsy, aesthetic IG - student project

I have created the IG content calendar using the supplied pdf, and have started implementing it. My umbrella themes are : watercolor paintings ; acrylic painting ; food ; other consumer generated content that fits with my aesthetic (with credit given where due of course!) ; pictures of the art supplies i use/work station. 

Unfortunately i cannot add a name in my bio for 14 days as IG has rules that prevent you from changing it more than twice.. Oops! 

I need to work on getting some attractive highlights on my profile. These will come as my IG grows and as I post more content, that I will then add to highlights. 

It would mean so much if you checked out the account and gave it some love! I promise to provide you with a positive mood and a pop of color in your IG feed if you follow creative.bynight 


creative.bynight - an artsy, aesthetic IG - image 1 - student project