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crayon collective - student project


FIRST POST (circa 4/17/2013)


Hello everybody,

After much trepidation, and after rushing through some sketches because I thought OH I can't draw and OH I don't have time, I decided to take a more meditative approach to the sketching process, and ... I actually enjoyed it!! 

I was really inspired by a lot of the processes that I saw on here, especially the individuals who experimented with drastically different approaches. 

"Crayon Collective" is the name of the pseudo organization under which I do my web design. (I'm a one-lady show though, so the "collective" part is quite misleading). 

crayon collective - image 1 - student project

I would love to hear your thoughts about these different approaches. I think my biggest challenge is that crayons are so... literal!!

I like b because the three crayons stand in solidarity w/ each other (I have two sisters, so there's three of us, so I like things in threes :) ) but would greatly appreciate any feedback from my talented classmates. 

Thanks in advance! 



UPDATE #2 (4/21/2013)


Greetings from Zombie land. It's 4 a.m. where I am but I couldn't bring myself to close Illustrator without achieving some form of closure.

crayon collective - image 2 - student project

May I present... my vectorized logos!! They're quite a departure from my sketches. I really wanted to keep the crayons, and I REALLY wanted to make B work, but breaking up the word CRAYON is a bit of a risk. 

My personal favorites in here are C and F, for the simplicity. (C is a bit, as my twin calls it, "mind bendy", so if you have any tips re: how to render the crayon in the negative space, I am all ears/eyes).

Thanks for your feedback guys! 

PS the more I look at the word CRAYON the less it looks like a word. Is this happening to anyone else??! 

Jessica C

Human Being