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Started off with rough sketches. Wanted a word with an 'R' so I could play around with extending it below the baseline.

On the hunt for a square, wide typeface with rounded corners. Found the perfect one on losttype and started with all caps.

It sort of looks like the old ReadyMade magazine logo (which I love). I added a serif to the 'R', then tilted and added a drop shade:

As the last step I brought it into photoshop (which I'm not too comfortable with!). Used an image of a craft project for the background. I definitely prefer it vector, without any effects, but it's a fun idea to place type on top of a photo-based image.

UPDATE: After suggestions from Brandon (thank you!), I raised the right side of the 'Y' and connected it with the bottom. The type feels much more cohesive now, and reads like a unit. The color change suggested works better too!


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