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Danielle Peaks

Event Coordinator and Registrar



cozy abode _ elle peaks

I absolutely love the styling of this room. More than anything the placements stand out to me. From the strategically placed art to the throw on the couch, there is an obvious focus on placement BUT the beauty of it is the room looks so natural and welcoming.

Needs-lamp and books

Shape-round wall shelf

Color- monochromatic scheme, throw and pitcher

Pattern-pillows, vase, throw


Placement-framed art, round shelf, throw

Bling- brass bird sculpture

Botanicals- flowers in vase

___________________________________________________________________________my cozy abode.

Formerly an elementary school this loft is full of unique character, from the ginormous windows to the original chalk boards and hardwood floors dinged up with charm we have called this our home for just over a year now. I would say my style is... Eclectic.... TBD. My husband who leans more towards modern decor would call it " country." And after seeing these photos I can see how one might think I found much inspiration from Cracker Barrel. I grew up watching Antiques Roadshow and at the age of 9 decided I wanted to be an antiques appraiser. Needless to say I love to find the value and beauty in old/antique/ vintage items and highlight them. I also enjoy keeping with the trends. That's why I'm here... To tame and target my styling and learn a thing or two. Teach on!

before bookshelfafterbefore couchafterbefore coffee tableafterbefore sideboard after


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