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After taking Bryn's calligraphy classes (which are all amazing), I sent 13 quotes to 13 people that I care about. The quotes were written on heavyweight archival paper with a nib dipped in a pot of Japanese ink. The envelope was sealed with red wax hand-poured in Scotland and a custom made 3D printed "5" stamp. This large envelope unwraps like a present, and inside rests a small return card and stamped envelope to nominate someone you love to receive the next quote.

After a few months, I opened the project to anyone interested in participating on Since opening up the project, I've been inundated with people requesting quotes and sharing their dreams, struggles and inspirations. 

My calligraphy is by no means more than that of a beginner, but this calligraphy class series gave me the skills necessary to embark on this journey, which I hope will touch people. To me, it's a reminder that someone cares, that we are not alone, that together we can weave a thread of kindess around the world.

Thank you Bryn and Skillshare :)









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