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I'm interested in pitching more articles for web content. In the past, I've only pitched magazines/newspapers. I took a break from pitching when so many pubs were scaling back but would now like to jump back in to write content now. This was a piece I previously pitched to a travel mag via email:

Dear (Editor)
Far from the red carpet of Cannes and the towel-to-towel traffic of St.
Tropez there’s a peaceful world you can float through, literally. The oldest
canal in Europe, the Canal du Midi, curves around sleepy hamlets of
southeastern France.

What was once a short cut for bustling commerce in the seventeenth century
is now quite the opposite: a serene, contemplative way to travel by boat.
Even during the busy month of August, one will only pass a few
other boaters and exchange some friendly banter with the lockkeepers along
the way. 

The canal is 145 miles long linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean
and the modern to the ancient. Sycamore trees shade the waterway like green
umbrellas and travel is just a eight kilometers per hour. The passage
requires opening locks and then waiting for the water to rise, always a good
opportunity to open a local rose' to enjoy while you wait. In this
world, even drifting takes time.

I just returned from a week exploring the canal by boat and bike. I'd like
to propose an 800-word piece for your (specific) section about this different
way to see Southernwestern France and the small villages along the way. I
would like to cover these in a side-bar.

I am a freelance writer based in New York and have contributed to publications including
Vogue Australia, The San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out New York.  

Thanks in advance for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


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