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Neslihan Koyuncu

visual artist




I was having a bad moment with myself alone at home. every detail in the space I'm breathing was annoying me in a way I couldn't understand why. the details I created on the walls and shelves. like a nest of a bird.

I realized I was having difficulty at that moment for about 15 minutes to live one character's life which was created by me. so I made myself confront with myself in front of a small mirror from where I can only see my face. I was staring at myself while I'm clearing my alienation by drawing from what I see.

so I have started my project last week and left it on my desk like this. but I know this drawing is still going on everytime I see it there. this is why I decided to continue it for this project.

I have also decided where I'll take it to. My surname is Koyuncu which means "sheepmen", kind of a shepherd. So I choose to mix my self portrait with a drawing of a sheep. I find sheeps and their herd activities interesting. And I find this confrontation like a straggling from the routines of your life even it's just about being a human everyday.

I collected some reference images. Portrait of a sheep and some vintage drawings. I found some good examples of combination of animal and human as an illustration. 

I'll check my artboard again to do some filtering but this is how it is right now.

These are my quick sketches to see what I can do with the positioning of the two figures.


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