I look in the mirror in the morning and I see somebody who's happy, but not completely. A girl who fits into her clothes, but could go a size up. "Youre still young" people say. "You shouldn't be worrying about this kind of stuff"

But I do. Its my reality. I know Im not overweight. I don't feel FAT. But I don't feel healthy! I want to feel healthy and look fit. 

I want to look in the mirror and love what I see and fit in my clothes my size and be happy with my body. I want to be toned and lean and I want to be confident. I feel that confidence radiates and it creates a positive, happier enviroment and a more confident person is a happier person

Right now, I'm starting to workout more and eat much, much better than I ever did before. Today was the first day I actually said no to a plate of pasta and stuck with vegetables and meat for dinner! I'm starting to learn what I enjoy - I love running/jogging/walking, I love pilates, and Im starting to like lifting. Its fun, its challenging. I hope I can keep this up.


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