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concept sketches


 I couldn't decide if i wanted a reptile, sea animal, or mammal so i tried all three! My favorite three are the sea monster with a frill back. And the deer wolf rabbit with a frill tail. and the bottom left sea snake.


So i tried doing more sketches of my deer wolf fish hybrid. I really like the deer body as the base, and a line of striped fur on top. I also really like the finned tail, I made it bigger with a solid tail/bone base so that it could be used in the water for prepulsion. The only problem i am having strangely is finalizing the face. I can't decide if I want a feline face or a more canine face. Should it stay short or should I make it longer? Also the bunny ears were messing me up more than they were helping so I ditched them. I tried to do two fully body versions, in 5 and 6 one canine with a mountain lion for reference and the other one canine based with a golden retriever as reference. What are your thoughts? Which face works better. I know i was supposed to start with the face for design, but it just didn't end up working out that way. Oh well. What are your thoughts?


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