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08.15.13: Definitely considering starting this project

08.20.13: Completed lecture 5 - takeaways / suggestions as follows:

I'm running a windows environment with eclipse as my preffered IDE. Its of note that the hotkey ctl+shift+o maps to "import" and will save you the quick second of deliberately typing the django imports. As the instructor is working directly from a text editor with knowledge of the Django framework he skips some of these "ease of use" type features. 

For those people who dislike / have less experience in a shell, you can explore / edit / view your sqlite3 tables using a free utility called sqlite database browser ( I have found this handy in the past since I'll admit I'm lazy and prefer GUIs when they are available. 

Finally, if you are in a windows environment consider an alternative console to cmd / powershell. One I find clean is simply called console ( This implements tab functionality as well as inherent support for multiple different shell environments. 

Project is coming along reasonably nicely. Instruction is easy enough to follow. Haven't really deviated from the lectures so nothing of interest to share aside from the tips / tricks listed above. 


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