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Sheridan Hendrix

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columbus, ohio from a parking garage

I am a Columbus, Ohio native, born and raised here for the last 18 years. I have so much love for this city. It never ceases my creativity. One of my favorite views of my city happens to be from a top a parking garage in the heart of downtown. You can see the beautiful LeVeque Tower and the rest of the skyline from the ninth level perfectly. It's awesome, even on overcast days like the one I chose to shoot on. I was going to shoot with my iPhone, but having dropped it so many times has royally screwed up the camera, so I opted for my Nikon.

up high(a segment of the skyline- the LeVeque Tower center stage)

down low
(this was the hardest for me to shoot; I wasn't satisfied with anything!)

shot of yourself 
(so weird to take, but hey, I look good!)

with a tool
(my beautiful vintage tlr)

I had a blast with this project! Thank you Christian for such an awesome and inspiring class!

xx. Sheridan


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