colourful people

colourful people - student project

I really loved this class, I usually stress over little details but with creating the eyes/nose/mouth chart at the start it really allowed me to work quickly without overthinking things - I created characters I would've never created before and I love them (especially my afro ladies with little heads and big bodies!) I also appreciated the skin tone lesson as it's something that I feel can be really overlooked - thanks so much Charly!


After following along with the video, I actually ended up revisiting this the next day and created a new one and can already see my improvement which is so exciting! Such an addictive activity I'll probably keep redoing forever haha!


colourful people - image 1 - student project

First try! 

colourful people - image 2 - student projectI actually really loved just the shapes from my second attempt, here they are before I edited them a little 

colourful people - image 3 - student project

Final piece! 

colourful people - image 4 - student project

Abbie Rosie
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