coloredPens in a yar

coloredPens in a yar - student project

I spend the day in the botanical garden today and finally found time to do this class after dinner today (which I was really looking forward to). Marie-Noelle has this fun and inspiring way to guide you through this class, I hardly could keep up time-wise from one sheet to the other and came in small stress thinking about the next task of rules to change. Usually, I'm more of a slow developer of art. I picked the first thing in front of me - perhaps not the wisest choice - because it's spiky and a lot to look out for in the small given time range.

Here is my outcome:


coloredPens in a yar - image 1 - student project


First I did a  linear work - I was in a hurry because I had no clue how much time there was to finish! I felt stressed and worried to not finish up in time.

coloredPens in a yar - image 2 - student project


Looking at it now I think it's ok. I would take my time and really look at this "Object" more intensely. The mine of the pencil was wiggling and in the end, it fell out - because I kept myself to hurry up.


Title: "hurried"


The next I thought I'd just work with surfaces:


coloredPens in a yar - image 3 - student project


Thinking from lines - to surfaces I started with lines "again" and then had to fill them to make the surface - using way to much water. Combined with the very short amount of time to do this one  I'd call it: "watery-line"



For the third, the color green was in my mind and I just wanted some freedom and paint with my fingers! Kind of escaping lines.


coloredPens in a yar - image 4 - student project


It was very fun and southing to do it - this was a short one to - but it felt relaxing.  I'll name it "aqua stroked"


Looking at the previous painting I decided to just fill the background and leaf the middle untouched.  I forgot about the "object completely was focusing on the previous picture.


so this is Nr. 4


coloredPens in a yar - image 5 - student project


It started out calm but as I shaded the background it made me feel uncomfortable. Looking at it now I would love to take my pencil and draw an owl with big eyes in the middle .. still not happy with the quite untidy shading. It seems messy and not thought through.



The 5th was short and pleasant:


coloredPens in a yar - image 6 - student project


I actually wanted to draw fine outlines and fill them in with water afterward... never got to do that. Looking at the outcome of this I decided that it was time to use my fingers again:


Nr. 6:


coloredPens in a yar - image 7 - student project


I actually love this on. I repeated the squiggle of #5 and used two colors doing that. Again very southing feeling good about it. I could work with this very well - filling in some of the bits and using my normal technique with fine liners. I guess this is among my favorites.


With Nr 7 I wanted to outline the previous contours of Nr.6 .. looking for the output it would take and work with shades.. but it stopped before I could start really.

coloredPens in a yar - image 8 - student project


I think it's unfinished. But it doesn't call me to finish it at the same time. 

I called it 'traced'


I thought wouldn't it be nice to escape and so I began to change colors and make thees rectangles that get smaller and smaller. The time went on so I started to swirl a spiral, doing that I recalled which theme I actually had and started to draw my object again.


here is Nr. 8

coloredPens in a yar - image 9 - student project

This was actually fun to do.

If I'd had crayons in bright colors I would have added some color to this picture.



It was time for a change so I decided to work in dots for the next just looking at the negative space in my object.  As you see I didn't have enough time

Here is Nr. 9


coloredPens in a yar - image 10 - student project


Still none of the work I've done really inspired but Nr. 6.  This was fun, but didn't grab my interest as much. So I thought I might try a different approach with the last one.


Only looking at the peaks of the Objekt ...


coloredPens in a yar - image 11 - student project


I had enough time to finish with the other "main" soft colors.

They do look like Pens. And the process of this fast wide mode of painting was nice to experience. They look like small coneheads standing in a jar.


Thanks, Marie-Noelle. It was a nice experience tonight. Time passes way to fast these days.  I do wish I had taken a better object. But I'm happy with this output and the escape of my everyday life at the moment.

Maxx Mikes
Artist and Illustrator in Vienna