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color theory to characters

OK i wanted to apply some of the color theory ideas to some of my chaecters from my comic strip. Later i going to try and do a back ground like image. For now check it out...

a few ideas i was thinking of

But i went with this one...

for the back ground to character i used triesd split complentary ... but as the characters them selfs i used  analogous colors with some use of shade and saturation. and got this...

i also did 2 other variations of that



But than again i guess its more about the color being a color theory class. Anyway I am not 100% with this so i going to try some of the other designs to see what i can come up with.

As far as emotion i was going for excitment or actionish (i know not really an emotion). Really though depends how you guys take it. what do you feel while seeing this?


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