color theory that makes sense!

color theory that makes sense! - student project

OMG, Sarah!

thank you so, so much. this is a class about color theory that finally makes sense to me with its actionable steps. and the tricks to get color harmony and palette makes adobe subscription worth the price, haha! i didn't know about it before. thanks for your guide.

color theory that makes sense! - image 1 - student project


color theory that makes sense! - image 2 - student project

this is the very first time that i'm making a color palette from scratch and doesn't suck. i can't thank you enough and now i'm on my way making artwork for your other class. so excited!

and oh, i get a request for your next class (please make another because you're such a good teacher), on making a textured illo in adobe illustrator. i'm new with this software and would love to explore more.

Nasaya Mafaridik.

Nasaya Mafaridik
avid doodler and illustrator