cold brew coffery

cold brew coffery - student project

cold brew coffery - image 1 - student projectI really like this project, I'm just starting out on digital and its amazing how a simple yet creative project can engage you even if you are a beginner. Roman was very thorough in showing all of his steps when it came to painting AND navigating the interfacewhich absolutely helped me work efficiently (albeit taking off ahead for a bit with his superior technique). It shows how the painter how multiplicative layers can get you a stylized way to use contrast, light, and darkness to portray any kind of emotion you like, AND gets you acquainted with a new technique of using shapes around you to force creative flow... and you get to do a fun painting. I used a guitar and a paintbrush to make the building and hilly landscape. I clearly abandoned the shapes only technique after a while but I was having a lot of fun with it! 


Thank you for making such a fun class!


Here are each of the layers.cold brew coffery - image 2 - student projectcold brew coffery - image 3 - student project