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Laila Grainawi

interdisciplinary designer



coffee packaging - label design

Step 1

Research + Mood Board

I've decided to create a logo for an imaginary coffee company. I drink lots of lattes and love small coffee shops so I figured it would be a fun exercise. 

Step 2 

Rough sketches + Concepts

Loosely sketched out some ideas of fonts and images I'd like to use. The campfire 'roasting' of beans appeals to the rustic vibe I am going for.

My general aesthetic when drawing is a bit quirkier (imperfect/ an endearing way/childlike) so we will see if I ultimately default to something a bit more... me.

Not shown, but another concept I will carry to the final drafts is a tiled illustration of tactile pottery (handmade mugs, lumpy tea pots, etc.) with a label overlay of a very clean hand drawn logo which should be very easy for me to produce but would be more expensive for a client as it would involve more colors/printing -- as opposed to my original idea of stamping for the indie coffee shop! 

The brand name I finally settled on is "FINE Coffees" since the idea of working with a four-lettered logo seemed easier to manipulate across a package. 

Step 3

Detailed Sketches + Layout on Package

Still rough but tighter idea of placement/layout, etc. 

Here's an example of what the background illustrations would look like:

I would paint new images that were more 'coffee' themed instead of the more tea-specific ones I drew here. I would also omit my handwriting for the background. 

Next up- a more detailed 'campfire' layout.  :)


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