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Lorraine Z.

graphic design student



coffee is my cup of tea

It has been for a while since I submitted my thumbnails, after my Chinese New Year celebration, I got a bit lazy to pick up this project, now I finally made two designs according to the feedback I got from all of you.  The first sketch seems more balanced and got movements in it . The second one is quite simple and there are lots of empty space as well. 

 design 1

            design 2

I was thinking the subject about coffee or tea but it has to be fun at the same time, so the phrase " coffee isn't my cup of tea" seems a good one, but I do drink coffee every single morning and I like coffee a lot, so my phrase became " coffee is my cup of tea".

To make it fun, the sleepy cat came out of my mind, waking up the sleepy cat will be the amazing job for "coffee", and the books can also play a role in this story as the sleepy cat is trying to wake up to read...

So it is the story I am going to create, and it will be a greeting card. 


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