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Nick Dinnen

UK designer/illustrator/animator



coMEdy: "Older but none the wiser"

Hello Folks!

This is my 3rd Skillshare assignment and I'm loving them!

I'm a 41 year old father of two living in the UK. I'm a designer/animator by day and an illustrator in all the other hours I can squeeze in outside of work and family life.

I think my webcomic is likely to focus on the comedy I find in being "older but none the wiser".


I found myself in the odd situation of not having a pencil to hand but a burning desire to get started on this assignment so my first few sketches have been in felt tip pen.

Visually I've picked out three of my most distint features my eyebrows, nose and forehead. I think the left drawing shows a bit too much vanity on my part as in reality my chin is started to be chins! (a double chin) so maybe the right hand one is closer to the reality.

I like the quality of the felt tip line and did wonder what a colour image could look like so I've rather jumped a head a bit and done some quick digital colour mock ups in Photoshop.

I think my next step will be to take it back a bit to rough sketches for full figure poses and expressions but I think I want to head in a similar direction to the above.

Here are some full figures and also one done in colour. This will be one of the turnaround poses.

Here are some expressions I've tried out.

Turnaround - Side, three quarters and front


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