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This is my dining room, it makes me laugh to look at the photos! I am currently in an extremely old rental home (which was rented by my mum) and all the furniture in here is my mums, I have tried to update it with a few things (painting one piece pink) paintings etc. So much brown really is not my style (i love white with bold colours and modern interiors) but i have to make do with what I have. I am hoping to gain some tips from this course to make this room awesome! As a family we really spend a lot of time in looking forward to a transformation :)

First assignment!

8 princibles of design

Vintage Interior windows

Shape - round windows at top

Texture - towels and wood  panels

Needs - Mirror and stool

Placement - towels and lamps

Botanicals - flowers

Bling - mirror and lamps

Colour - White and blur panels

Pattern - inside of round windows


My hallway

Lounge Before

Lounge After -the lighting in here sucks, in fact the whole house is extremely dark so I have had to use the lights above which is not very flattering but you will get the picture.  


and the otherside of lounge room - this couch is huge and supposed to be together as it was in or old house but because of space we have seperated th couch on two differrent walls. The picture below is distorted but i am not sure how t fix that.

bedroom - needs lots of work!

before bedside table

After bed side table - i really need to put the right hand ring pull on but i cant fin dthe back screw!

I must say this mini course has really inspired me (Justina is amazing and looking at everyone elses homes has been very inspiring)- I have totally turned my house upside down and come up with some fun things - although my photos are not going to win any awards my spirits are lifted - loving it!! No wI wish I took more before photos...


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