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Hi! first of all I really liked the class, I learned a lot, haven't practiced a lot with inking, so these are my first drawings with this technique! hope u like them!

This is my last project, ink with a little bit of pencil, I got this from a photo I took last weekend in Chimborazo, Ecuador, I was walking when I saw a little dot moving on top of a hill, so I zoomed this little dot and it came to be a little kid that stoped and stared at me for a while, so this is it. I tried to draw the texture of the clothes, and also the grass. 

Chimborazo is a province of Ecuador very cold weather, has a mountain-volcano with the same name and is the closest point to the Sun.

and this is the picture..

And these are some drawings I did during the first videos, i just tried to have fun, do different brushstrokes mixing them with the Nib Technique, I really like Nibs! i figured out its kinda easy for me to draw with them. So I enjoyed doing this drawings, I used black and white inks. adding some water to have different shades of black. And also a bit of watercolor technique that love!

Thanks for watching!


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