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Choose the best school for your kids.

Compare school statistics, tuitions and read comments to get the best insight about the school that you want to send your children to...


- I should see all the schools in a simple and clean design

- I can compare their features easily

- I can filter according to their tuition, curriculum, university success, location, additional costs, additional benefits

- I would like to click on an "enroll" button and want them to call me.



- I want to show off my achievements and let people know about my sales/ campaigns

- I want to get more enrollment.

Future Steps:

- I can share this infor with my friends

- I would like to see some comments about the school that i follow

"Wizard of Oz"

The key technique, when someone interested in one school and click to "enroll" button, we would call the parents ourselves to set a meeting or we can call the schools to set an appointment with the interested parents.

For parents, we can also highlight the "best school" per criteria/ school feature, when they are doing the comparison and/or they want to digg more, we could send them an email about the specific schools that they are interested. Once they decided to digg more, we also inform the school about this.

Another point is that we may need to do the research schools manually meaning that we may need to talk,call, visit and web-research the schools to fill up their school info. Gradually, this can be delegated to the schools themselves. 


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