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I'm not sure if I'm going to go fan art or use my own original character yet, so right now I'm just doing gestures until I can come up with a solid idea. sketches to be uploaded soon. 

Here are some of my favorite gestures for tonight and a sketch of X-23. I'm leaning towards possibly doing some fan art involving her or Green arrow because I'm a huge fan of the show going on. 

I had sketch book night with some friends but I feel like I was in a bit of a funk. Drawing from my imagination is hard. I'm a slave to the reference lol. It's a habbit i'm hoping to break. Here are some of my sketches from last night. 

Also feel free to like my art page at 

or my deviant at  

I have been having some off days drawing and no matter how hard I try I'm not pleased with my drawings. Here is a rough Idea of an Idea that I though could be kind of funny. I need to definitely tweak some anatomy DP's facial expression and he seems a bit stiff too considering his insides are on the outside. Any feed back is appreciated. 


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