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cdesign jewelry- My Art & Style Brand

I have been attempting to define cdesign jewelry for quite some time to no avail.  I have had some goals and some vision but it's never been unified or focused.  That's why I was so enthused about taking this class!  I enrolled a while back, but it's really taken some thought to put this project all together.  My vision will be a work in progress, but I feel so much more direction and coohesiveness now.  At this time, I am also starting an custom art and illustration business so I really needed to give cdesign jewelry more of an identity, lest it get lost in the shuffle.  Through this experience, I have discovered a whole new look and feel for my website.  It's cleaner, calmer and much more now.  It represents who I am in a more accurate way.  It tells the story of how my art is very much linked with my jewelry designs.  I will be updating my website with all new products pics soon, but you can see the new concept in the slideshow with an illustration of my new spring collection.  If any of your has opinion I love to hear it!  

Thank you Kate for this!  It has really caused me to take my enterprise seriously and through the filter of very large successful companies.  That is a delight! ; )






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