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can you hear me now portrait...

I'm not very good (or patient) at putting pen to paper.I do most of my conceptualizing in my head .I knew i wanted to use strong, almost clashing colors and nothing speaks louder to me than the combination of pink and orange- with a cornucopia of other colors tossed in for contrast. Next I added interesting cursive script for texture and some indian decorative elements ( I'm inspired by indian saris). The first floral head I wasn't enamored with ( not expressive enough) so came up with the second head- added butterflies/birds/ stuff...exuberance comes to mind). Then I noticed a pesky notch in her chin so out came those curvey scrolly things, which is reminiscent ( to me) of sound keepng with the whole can you hear me theme....that's it.Took me about 2 1/2 hours.May make more changes tomorrow when i see it with fresh eyes. Usually do....


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