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Sandy Palencar

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caliigraphy beginning! (NEWBIE!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lettering, especially HAND lettering!  I was so happy to see a calligraphy course being offered - although I am not a total fan of calligraphy itself, I thought this would help me with different kinds of hand lettering (and help me to improve creatively overall!).

However, I am a total NEWBIE to the calligraphy art (as you can see from my pics!). Anyhow, here are my first attempts at these exercises. My nib seems too stiff (speedball #0 or #1) and I am too 'jaggedy' on the upstroke. Not sure how to get this smoothness? It may be my paper, it may  be my nib, it may be everything all together and the fact that I have just begun??

the O letter is terrible, but I guess the only was from here is up?



PS I have to laugh that I mixed up the order of my alphabet on one of my tries - too funny!


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