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business card redesign


While working on the slab section, I have tweaked and made a TON of designs! I made this and knew it was it. The triangle pattern was so fun to create (even though it took me surpsingly long to complete). 


+Phase II Update!

Here is my text heavy business card. I tried to play with some colors, and added my logo in the second one. Not sure how I feel about the colors (the watermelon pink is actually a light melon-ish shade, not sure why the output is such). I think the first option is the most appealing to me.

+Phase I Business Card Design

This project put a lot of thought into an otherwise "see what happens" type mindset. I've always done what looks and feels good to me, which I did at first here, and once I got my initial idea, I went back and aligned and space appropriately. Feedback please!

This was my initial placement after just getting my text out there. I used Gill Sans, which I do like, but I'm not sure I'm crazy about the bold website and email. My thought was to give it some balance, but to me, it takes the emphasis off of my title.

This is me thinking out of the box. I do like this design, but now that it's up here it feels heavy on the right.

This is way more "me". I like the lowercase text, i like Helvetica, and it seems to just flow. 

I think this one is my favorite. I like the letter spacing of my name, and I enjoy the simplicity of it. 


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