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Martina Berger

...because every picture tells a story...



business card for a photographer

What my business card is going to be for:

I want to design a business card for myself. I am a photographer. I am just creating a homepage and would love to promote my site with my own business cards.

My business card reference images:


I prefer the simple/minimalistic style for business cards. These are my favourites on pinterest.

My favourite Jukebox Print card:

This card (or should I say board?) is very eyecatching!


My rough sketches:



My final business card:

As a photographer I thought the best way to represent my work is through my pictures. So I put one with a white frame on my business card. It would be cool if the logo would pop out a little bit more. The back side is very simple; I might change the font once again, I’m not fully satisfied with it.


My new design for the back, thank you for the great feedback Jon!



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