Rachael Schafer

Illustration + Design + Surface Pattern Design



bury me in the parking lot of the A&P

Hi! These initial sketches are from a quote in the 70s movie 'Breaking Away'. I did a pencil sketch, then went over it with a faber castell PITT artist pen in in cold grey. Then scanned it and cleaned it up a bit as a psd.

I re-drew the letterforms, trying to clean up the swashes. I'm still not satisfied, so I'll keep at it! Curves are hard for this lefty. I have some french curve tools, but I'm trying this freehand. The A&P letterforms are from the vintage version of the A&P logo, which seems appropriate. The rest of the letterforms are improvised. I'd like to unify them and/or try some different styles.

I'm excited to vectorize it in illustrator, not there yet...but getting there.


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