building an evening and morning routine

building an evening and morning routine - student project


I have always had a hard time getting up in the morning, I am 100% an owl. But since this world is made for larks and I was raised aspiring to be an early-riser - I feel 100% better when I get up early.

To make my new habit as easy to slip into as possible, I also have an evening routine.

I use the app f.lux on my mac to slowly dim out the blue bright lights in the evening, make sure that I do not take anything with a screen into my bed and set an alarm on my phone for 23:00 o'clock to remind me to go to sleep. Maybe I'll have a cup of herbal tea, to set the mood and remind my body to wind down.

In the morning I need as much help as possible to get up. I have hooked up my coffeemaker to a timer switch, so I wake up to coffee and just have to walk to the kitchen for milk. I recently also started the CARROT app as an alarm - it's built as a kinda mean A.I. that has you do tasks before it declares you awake. So far it has really worked and prevented me from snoozing, even without putting it far away from my bed. ;-)

I am also using the workout app from the Carrot series. :)
For Yoga I want to do the 30days of yoga challenge by YOGA WITH ADRIENE

To make my morning extra special, I bought a nice lemon-y shower gel.

Morning routine

  • 6:30 am: Wake up to the smell of coffee, walk across room to turn off alarm,
    drink a glass of water, go to bathroom, brush teeth
  • 6:45 am: open windows, have some warm lemon water, soak müsli for breakfast, cuddle the cat

  • 7:00 am: some yoga poses for stretching and then an intensive 7min workout

  • 7:20 am: Shower and get dressed

  • 8:00 am: eat breakfast, take vitamins

  • 8:30 am: Do dishes, tidy up

  • 8:45 am: leave for work

READING TIP: Steve Pavlina on becoming an early riser (it was eye-opening for me! Here is the gist:
Getting up, right when the alarm rings is a habit, a reflex. And if you always oversleep, it might need some time to un-learn your bad habit. Practise getting up!)

* * * EDIT: 28.07.2015 * * *

I was up until 2 am and consequently overslept! Yikes! I was still a lovely morning, but I'll have to tweak my timetable. The yoga with adriene workout is really lovely but lasts from 30min to 45 mins...and once I start chatting with my flatmate in the kitchen the whole timetable is useless anyway.

It is really good to lay it all out because I usually believe I could get so much done but realistically I'd need three days for all that :)