buggies. - student project

I just started drawing in january. I am really loving it and have tons of ideas. However when I go through Instagram of Pinterest, I get this feeling of 'I'm not good enough to do this'. Or I draw something and likeing it but when I see it again a few days later, I just don't like the style anymore... So I'm hoping to find a style to start with in this class. 

buggies. - image 1 - student project


  1. I used 6B pencil-brush in procreate
    + symmetry, thin lines
    - pencil (too sketchy)
  2. I used gesinski ink-brush in procreate
    + not all lines have the same thickness
    - dots
  3. I used narrender pencil-brush in procreate
    + fine lines, simplicity
    - end of the legs look like hands
  4. I used gouache-brush in procreate
    + color, details
    - thick lines
  5. I used mercury-brush in procreate
    + simplicity, antennae and legs colored in
    - color
  6. I used peppermint-brush in procreate
    + color
    - thick lines

buggies. - image 2 - student project

1. I used gesinski ink-brush to draw and gouache to color. 

+ the texture of the gouache in red, don't like it that much in black

- thick lines

2. I used HB-pencil-brush to draw and acryl to color.

+ mmm...

- the brush strokes

3. I used the HB-pencil-brush to draw and color.

+ it looks cute, combo black-pastels (even though black is a bit too harsh) 

- the outline with black, dots are too symmetrical

4. I used the HB-pencil-brush to draw and color.

+ i love it, looks so cute, the proportions, the dots that are the same on both sides but still very playful

- curved middle line

5. I used gesinkski ink-brush to draw and color.

+ organic non-symmetrical shapes 

- color combo, anthannae and eyes

6. I used dry ink-brush to draw and color

+ colorcombo, 'soft' black, little triangles

- the triangles in the middle that form a bigger figure which is not a triangle


buggies. - image 3 - student project

1. I used the HB-pencil-brush. 

+ brush i used

- eyes

2. I used gesinski-brush, ink bleed-brush, fine tip-brush.

+ opacity of the wings

- fussy legs

3. I used the HB-pencil-brush, gesinski-brush and technical-brush.

+ color combination

- body looks to slim

4. I used the dry ink-brush

+ color combo, eyes

- that the wings are not see-through 

5. I used the hard airbrush.

+ i think it looks kind of cool. 

6. I used the technical pen, 6B-pencil and gesinski-brush

+ see-through veins, color combo of the wings and body

- black is too hard