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Oscar Almendarez

Aspiring Designer




My initial thought to this project was based on literal meanings of the two words, Juxtaposition and Appropriation, so some of the initial images represent getting into this mindset.  I then started to think about my recent trip to India where every day life can be an experience and noticed the following:

  1. social class differences between rich and poor
  2. language differences between town, states, cities
  3. food differences between regions
  4. bicycles and motorbikes - all vintage looking
  5. vibrant colors of garments in comparison to single toned color of non-traditional garments

There is a beauty behind, within and around the chaos and simply every day life may bring in a  city like Bangalore, India....

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Controversially appealing

Kids Beatles

Fickle Fights


Surrealism inspired by my trip to India

This is what holds up our government...


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