brush experiments

brush experiments - student project

Wow, this class was very challenging! There have been many things I have tried for the first time so it was very exciting.


1. First the ombré effect:

brush experiments - image 1 - student project

Somehow I don't really like my letterings when the background is white only but I was worried that a colorful background would suppress the ombré effect. So I tried to give the piece more dimension by overlapping the words.


2. Leaves and flowers:

I tried to get warm with line drawings but I wasn't very happy with it, so I tried with watercolor, which was much more my style.

I am very happy with "Fall". I like that it's hidden between the leaves.

brush experiments - image 2 - student project

brush experiments - image 3 - student project

But I won't give up and take a class on line work soon. :)


3. Banner:

brush experiments - image 4 - student project


4. Shapes

brush experiments - image 5 - student project

Peggy, can you recommend a class on composition by any chance?

As always, I really enjoyed taking this class and I like that your input gives a lot of space for experimentation. Thank you so much!