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brigette i designs | posters & prints for lovers of design

My shop is a few years old from selling stationery, custom crests and logos, and other random things. I just recently renamed and rebranded it to be a shop for my design work - posters, prints and cards for lovers of design. I'm hoping to really take my shop to the next level with this course!

Here is my current shop.


I sell posters, prints and other paper goods, which primarily appeal to graphic designers and appreciators of design. 

It provides aestetically pleasing and informational prints related to the design field and programs. 

I don't know what my shop mantra would be just yet. 

My main business goal is to get my design work out there, and ideally to generate some passive income on the side. 


Similar shops: TwoPaperDollsShop, farouche, MaryKateMcDevitt, spreadthelove

I am different based on the specific content of my posters/designs.

The price range they seem to have is between $10 and $30 for prints, based on the size, and $3 to $5 for cards and smaller things.

It can run between $5 and $12 to ship a poster tube depending on the destination.


My customers are graphic designers, photographers, people generally interested in art and design or who use design programs. Most likely between 20 and 40, men and women. They might be looking for some decoration for their studios or houses, or gifts for designer friends of thiers, in purchasing things from my shop.

I want to revisit my photography when I list some new posters that I'm working on, that's what I'll be focusing on next. Thanks for reading!



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