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I created a logo for a personal project. The SO HUM breathing meditation can be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety or PTSD. I'm creating cards that I can give away if/when I come across people who can benefit from this type of breathing.

This class was inspiring and also challenging for me. I'm new to Illustrator, and I couldn't quite figure out how to do what I had envisioned. I'm happy with the overall concept, except that the "b" didn't really turn out. I'll keep practicing until I'm able to create it.

I would really welcome your feedback. 


What do you think of the letter "b" in my sketch? Do you think it works? Any other ideas? I'd somehow like to match the curve of the last "e" to the curve of the "b".



I also wasn't sure about the coloring of the dots and the breathing guides. The guides are at 50% opacity of purple/blue logo colors and the dots are at 100%. (Silly me I couldn't change the dots to 50%!) Your thoughts?


Card Front:


Card Back:


Thank you for viewing my project!


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