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breaker worm

ok so a few years back i.e. me and a few friends wanted to make a video game. shockingly enough it didnt go anwhere. but one of the creature i drew for it, really stuck to me, so im planing on remakeing it, only this time better!

The Breaker Worm. 

Size: 50-300m in length

Weight: 200+ metric tones

Intelligence: not much smarter than your average cow...

Description: these massive behemoths live in an extremely fertile valley, though they start off relitively small, the nutrion rich soil causes them to grow expontationally in size year after year. Because of their size and low intelligance these animals are often used as a food source, harvesting only one can feed a small viilage for over two years.

below is the orginal image:

ok so after doing some sketching, i think i have a new design, its similar but has a lot more character to it which looks nice! i looked at whales and milipedes for some help, which help me solidify a design!

New design


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