brave knight

brave knight - student project

the story of a brave knight!! 

brave knight - image 1 - student project

this project was VERY challenging for me . while i have a deep fondness for comics i have not had much practice. i found it a nice challenge ! and i learnd so much from it.

 heres my first draft of thumbnails. it seemed pretty easy at first but....brave knight - image 2 - student project

actually rendering the frames out i ended changeing some .. well alot of things. 

the key here is cutting out what you dont really need. wich in its self can be a battel cause you dont want to get rid of something you might reallly need  ( yellow spirals meant i was going to possibly re think the composition/angle/rendering. it got complicated quickly.)

brave knight - image 3 - student project

ok so im uploading the frames as i go but heres frame one (i spent more time on it then i intended  WHOOPSE this was my first time doing something like this really and i got pretty lost into it. )

ill post more in a second im still sorta feling my way through the other frames.

  1. brave knight - image 4 - student project
  2. brave knight - image 5 - student project
  3. brave knight - image 6 - student project
  4. brave knight - image 7 - student project
  5. brave knight - image 8 - student project
  6. brave knight - image 9 - student project
  7. brave knight - image 10 - student project


brave knight - image 11 - student project

well, i started out doing a comic page but then i re read the syllabus and saw it called for just an image and we would be doing frame by frame stuff later, whoopse! i hope this is still adequate for the assignment .

i experimented with slanting and strait lines  and camera space. I also tried to make the assailant look more jagged and boxy then the victim . i also tried to incorporate some body language. it was really a challenge and i look forward to learning more ! 

any and all feed back is appreciated ! thanks ! 


(edit 1 : im not sure if my photo is uploading correctly and i dont think its too big ? im gonna just stick it here ahaha lll ) 

(edit 2: oh well looking at the others not i can see it a "upload photo" into the text box deal ahhh ok )