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Vitaliy G.

Founder of Vitaliy G. Branding




As a creative agency, we want to expand the way we tell our story and show off our expertise.

Being an agency that specializes in product and service branding, we knew for a little while that not showing off our skills on Instagram would be a disservice to our own brand.

We want to not only become a company on instagram, but we want to become an influencer, that brands who understand the importance of #authenticadvertising want to do business with.

brandingAWESOME is an ode to great instagram creatives who do work for brands. It serves as a study for what makes great marketing campaigns that standout above the rest. It also serves as a forum for us to share our work and experiences with our people in hopes to drive Instagram ad quality up.

Here's an introduction into our grid as well as some post examples.







If you are a photographer, designer, or a marketer, brandingAWESOME is for you. Join us to see branding and advertising campaign inspiration, and tag us if you'd like to be featured!

We look forward to any feedback!

Thank you in advance, and welcome to our grid.


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