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I created brand dude over a year ago for strictly business reasons.  I wanted to be the young, hip voice of the promotional products industry.  The content from my blog would help establish me as subject matter expert and an up-and-comer in the business.  Through use of articles, video, and graphics I want to grow my social media following and increase my business contacts

I have been maintaining my brand dude blog for over a year, but have lacked the discipline and structure needed to achieve my goals.  This project is my sincere effort to rectify my past failings and set my blog on a stronger footing moving into the future.


  • maintain a creative, engaging and informative platform for sharing my thoughts and knowledge on the world of promotional products
  • delve into the numerous ways that promotional products can help business, communities and organizations boost sales, increase participation, create brand recognition and achieve any number of their short and long-term goals
  • convey the excitement and enthusiasm that I have for promotional products to a business audience
  • create engaging written, photographic, video content; maintain a consistent style
  • become the young voice of the promotional product industry
  • write for the various industry publications
  • ultimately, grow my sales through blog and social media exposure


My three audiences are 1) Creative HR or marketing managers, 2) Small to medium size business owners seeking growth, and 3) Other promotional product industry professionals looking for inspiration and new ideas.  My target audience will be primarily female (60/40 split) and between the ages of 28-45.  My audience values creativity, accountability and dependability.  They like to develop business relationships and stick with vendors who have done well for them in the past.  Quality and consistency are their main concern, not price.

Joanne is in her early forties.  She lives in New Jersey and works for a large restaurant franchisee.  She oversees the marketing and new units for 6 different restaurant concepts.  Her focus is on getting her job done well, but she likes to have fun while doing it.  She’s social media savvy and likes to connect with both friends and business contacts there.  Joanne values vendors that she can count on, vendors that make her job easier and make her look good to her boss.  She’s very open to creative ideas and likes to think outside the box.

  • Educational – Preachy = Interesting
  • Funny – Silly = Humorous
  • Business Oriented – Salesy = Enterprising
  • Creative – Artsy = Unique
  • Thought Provoking - Edgy = Challenging

Brand Statement:
brand dude is an enterprising, unique and interesting blog focused on providing customer and industry-facing content about the promotional product business to creative HR or marketing managers and small to medium size business owners to enhance their understanding of and interest in the benefits, solutions and results that branded items can bring to their business or organization.

Why am I doing this?

  • As a creative outlet to share my experience and knowledge as a young MBA in the promotional products business
  • To write, photograph, and take video consistently; to improve my writing, photography and video; to maintain a cohesive style
  • As a marketing tool to gain to grow my exposure and sales within my audience demographic
  • To establish myself as an expert in the ad specialty industry

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to:

  • Gain 15 subscribers in the next 90 days
  • Be invited as a guest poster on 2 popular blogs or websites in the next 6 months
  • Gain 6 new customers in the next 12 months

Content pillars:

  • Engagement (posts designed to start a conversation) stories, news and articles from the promotional products industry (new items, new trends, case studies, best practices) and books, podcasts, etc. that could enhance or spark the readers’ interest in the subject matter
  • Evergreen (posts that can be published at any time) use my experience and knowledge to make their jobs easier, explain many of the unknown aspects of the industry to them (order-cycle times, Chinese New Year, apparel 101, interviews, guest bloggers, etc.)
  • Events (posts tied to a specific time-bound occurrence) – seasonal posts about upcoming holidays/events and how businesses can use promotional products to celebrate and get noticed, news and events updates within the industry (Google Alerts), new product information and reviews

Source Library and Inspiration: I'm using Feedly to subscribe to various industry blogs, and I'm using Evernote to store/save all the of-interest and relevant content.

Where to Publish: Besides the blog, I'm going to link to my posts on my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Frequency, People, and Processes:

  • I commit to posting to the blog twice a week, and will publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One post a week will be heavier on the content side, and one will be more about the photography/pictures.
  • I am a “one-man show,” although I would love to expand to other guest bloggers in the future. So for now, I will serve as Content Strategist, Copy Writer and co-Approver. My brother will Proofread and serve as co-Approver. I am beginning to learn the basics of Photoshop and graphic design so that I can enhance the image side of my site on my own
  • Since it is just me, my workflow is much more truncated: Publish = 0; Content Approved = 0; Content Revised = -1; Content Proofread = -2; Draft for Review = -3; Calendar Submitted: -30


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