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br-INK-ing bad

Hello everyone! Here is my ink drawing. I used a nib for the face and hands, a brush pen for the suit and shoes and a standard brush for the rest. I preferred the brush pen because I don't like the brushes that I have: can't get much detail with them. Also, my ink is too bluish. Next time I'll go shopping ...


The thing is that I wanted a huge ink drawing (A3 size here in Europe) and I don't have a large printer, so I directly inked my original pencil drawing. I know it's wrong! It's too risky, and I made a lot of mistakes that I had to fix later digitally! Doh!



I wanted the plastic suit to be a little more rigid, but I just couldn't. Also, I added this metal bracket to the wooden table and the truth is that it doesn't look metallic at all. But I really like the wool in the sofa, it looks so itchy! I'd never used so much texture, so it just opened a world of possibilities for me! Thank you very much, Yuko, for sharing your secrets!


------------- UPDATE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I've just made a few screen prints of this project and wanted to show you! WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much for watch! :)





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