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botany always wins

I'm a botanist with a soft spot for invasive species.  I'm trying to give that idea of invasion but, you know, cutely.  Blackberries are a favorite species of mine and I'm thinking of giving letters thorns and vines and leaves and such, but I don't know how to add those bits without making it illegible.  yep!

and then i've got questions.  if i'm gonna make the 'botany' and the 'wins' invade into the 'always', how do i choose what letters can overlap and what can't?  obviously that descending part of the y is a good candidate, but i can't make the dot of the i overlap always without making it look all crazylike.  and then how do i know if this font looks like soft lovely botanical parts to others in the same way it does to me?

anyways, working on it.  


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