bombs and brutality

bombs and brutality - student project

My hometown is famous, or rather infamous, for social conflicts. Situated in the western part of the state of the U.P., it has had its fair share of communal conflicts in the past. 

The one specifically brutal episode took place in the year 2013 when riots broke out over some religious issue, and the warring sides of Hindus and Muslims were at each other's throats over this. 

I remember it clearly as the day, as I was present in the middle of this horrific action unfolding, that we were cooped up in our homes to save ourselves from the potential threat. People were roaming the streets with swords and local-made guns, and you would not want to be on the wrong side of the derringer in those circumstances.

Despite being cooped up in the house, our compound itself was connected with other neighboring houses with low walls. Anyone could have jumped the low wall and enter the house, if they wished so, even though the neighborhood that we had was relatively safe.

I was given the duty to keep an eye on the terrace, to make sure if anyone tries to enter, I alert the others. It was at that moment I decided to take do a perimeter of the terrace.

As soon as I reached the top, I had just raised my head over the level of the roof that I saw a rocket whittle through right over my head. It was a matter of a few feet between its trajectory and my body.

I ran down as soon as I realized the horror of it, and made sure no one else tried to venture to the roof as rockets started to fly very close to the roof.

That was one tormenting hour of my life that I would want to forget.