blurried - student project

After a published article in which has been quote a study from European Journal of Ageing (2014) that has showed the following ” the most discriminated are women, people that earn money under monthly average and the one s that suffers of schizophrenia”.


” When I ll get to New York I ll call you! I said very determined and all in the same time very excited. But what can I say? It s been three years, at least, and I ve not even escaped from my birth city. Once!  I ve sent a picture from the train, but who knows where I was when here the only difference between town and cities are the tall buildings built in the cities.How can I be thinking even more, that, as while the distance from NY ( with the Twins Towers that was of old or the world class Universities) to my country it s some hours away and some stops in the airports between Europe and USA, the distance between the cities  from my country it s about tthe same( the only path between them being a train rail or a low cost airplane which can challenge you to a real ”adventure trip”). Ironic? In these three years, with all the time free, I ve  not been able to leave the city alone to go in a trip in weekend( excepting the two weekends in 2019 where I ve been left home from the Hospital...where? At my home!) in a motel in a retired resort. When I brought up the NY city , you probably thought I was a student full of dreams and optimism. It s not quite so.I m getting with quickly steps to the age of 40, steps made only near my house because of COVID19, and in spite of the year 2020 in which we are living , I haven t found an answer to my life.Life before 2000 ( when I was 20 years old) and life after 2000. Normally I must be evolving with the world together but my life is going backwards. I m sorry for my negativism. In 2020 without a job,a husband,a child or more, with a sum of money under the monthly minimum earned by  a ”normal ” people, which I ve been considering myself in the first half of my life ,the thing that I m trying to regain(normality), now when my age and sickness are saying something in this society,  it s hard to be positive. In this society that s so limited because of the helplessness of the people to understand something unaccountable: ”the simply acceptance”. Acceptance that I m trying too daily, more and more, tired but with a furthermore truly smile for every success.A success that it s a simple smile for me. Who knows? Maybe the COVID19 changes the people and their mentality of not making discrimination.I m not quite sure of this because this fight of discrimination started a long time ago...

To my beloved and favorite psychotherapist that keeps me going with a big smile in my everyday life! Thank you! All the best!