blue cave 2

blue cave 2 - student project

This is the hardest skillshare class I've attempted. The class is brilliant and full of tips but Hardy makes it look so much easier than it is. This is my scene so far and it's a long way from being finished. I don't know what to do with the floor/water/sand? I think it should be really light but want it misty, and I haven't got as far as detail or photo texture.

I'm learning from my mistakes and wish I'd put the depths on different layers just to begin with. I also realise that I need tons more reference - from real life rather than other concept art. I don't know how to use the mask for the river (in the demo), so if anyone has any clarification?

Anyway I'm excited about continuing but am having a break to learn more about photoshop!

blue cave 2 - image 1 - student project

first rough layering

blue cave 2 - image 2 - student project

bit more detail -blocking in some rock details

Part 2:

Thank you Hardy for the advice -I've added some orange and a light source, maybe there should be a litle trail of lights off in the distance? I found it hard to keep the big picture in mind when I was doing detail - do you work on two screens, or have two views?

Iit's still a bit crude -I can't quite draw what I have in my head but will practise.

blue cave 2 - image 3 - student project