bloopy the little monster

bloopy the  little monster  - student project

step 1.

bloopy is a sweet and caring monster he is strong in his own way and can be be very trustworthy to those in need

bloopy is said be a dragon by others that's why they fear him but his owner does not believe that. his owner found him alone in a forest wounded nearly fatally the owner raised him a cleared all his wound

he wants to become a monster that can protect his master in the torn place the live in

bloopy dreams to evolve in to a dragon 

bloopy greatest strength lies in his  ability to solve problems with his fears change which has held him back from evolving

Step 2.

bloody is a good guy though he can be mischievous

I war torn world bloopy is a comic relief that puts a smile anyone's face  

step 3.

bloopy is a calm and comforting little creature making him a circle