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blog to accompany my website


Ever since I was a junior in high school, I have been DYING to make my own Tumblr theme.  I will be graduating from college this year, and up until now, I was unable to find an adequate tutorial/class on how to make my own theme. I am super stoked that this exists and I am excited to see how this turns out, and to enhance my (minimal) HTML and CSS skills.

I run several Tumblogs, one which is a personal account (full of famous quotes, personal rants, and pop culture references). My second Tumblr is more of an inspiration board, like Pinterest, and it focuses on art and design that I think is cool. The third is a "fitblr" to keep track of my fitness goals and aspirations.

I have been on Tumblr since I was 16/17, and I am currently 21!

As far as inspiration goes, I love themes that are minimal, and ones that look hand drawn and have a real quirky personality to them. So far, here's my inspiration:



Okay, so, it's been a year since I last touched this project. I graduated college and now I feel like I have the need and the time for a real blog that shows my design process and my thinking. I want a blog theme that is minimal to allow my work to shine, but also still allows for my personality to show through.

My tastes haven't really changed in the past year, so my old inspirations still apply.

Here are my initial drawings:


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