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Kelly Nedderman

CEO @ Self Employed



black and white..updated..

Steps up to Audacity..

Original image:

After a lot of image manipulation in photoshop

In comes audacity

This was just from a simple reverse

Darks line came from wah wah effect

last filter added : phaser

Another original image:

First attempt at an animation. It seems like these look nicer when the changes are more fluid. Mine feels a bit rough.. Actually this one isn't working.. It animates as a thumbnail.. Any thoughts as to why it's broken?

Ink drops in water by an artist I like put through text edit progressions. I liked the idea of black and white since much of my first attempts using the tools always ended up in rainbow colors..

Some addittional attempts in hex fiend of a different image. I am really excited with these. Interesting how dirrent they are from each other...


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