bird song - final

bird song - final - student project

Final update - I've added a texture in the background and more detail to the flowers, I think I could go further but I'm happy with the results and it's definitely less flat looking than my usual work.. now I can't wait to do another one! thank you Brad!

bird song - final - image 1 - student projectHere's my first update adding a bit of texture and more detail...

bird song - final - image 2 - student project

Not sure about these colours... I thought I'd go bright to emphasize 'loud' but it would maybe be stronger with less? see the pic below... I can't wait to add texture and more detail now!

bird song - final - image 3 - student project

less coloursbird song - final - image 4 - student project

bird song - final - image 5 - student projectThis is my idea for loud... although it may seem quite tranquil... I wanted to fill the page with birds, singing, flapping thier wings and making a fuss, I thought by adding the trumpet shaped flowers and bold florals it may help get the loud message across, also maybe adding more insects and buzzing bees flying around so it's really busy??... the idea with the tea cups was about having a morning gossip with a cuppa but I'm not sure it's needed? I think I prefer the tree layout...bird song - final - image 6 - student project