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bikebooooook by R

Salve Geri !  I've followed the videoclass, liked the circumnavegation of the colors.  loved the tip 'not vertical but gradual curve'. I think I've understood the procedure, getting really excited about a new effective process. At this exact moment I think the color process got really 'made by designer' but the color solution that I've generated from kuler was not as beautifull as I'd anticipated... so, the kuler color selection is a critical step
in my opinion... the choice of color to base upon and the rule to apply is critical...

first the 'bike' word has a repeat chorus in b for book word... but it did not work well as a continuous color,
so I used a (sort of) split complementary for the b-k in book word and used the earthy tone to the bike draw
kind of logo.  For my sensibility it enhances the visual bike for the bike meaning.  the earthy tones give
to the visual bike an unexpected sense of being going free at the park - wich may be a little bit off
for the client.  It looks good, but perhaps another color (instead of brown earthy for visual bike
would enhance the metallica feeling of technical... so this is where I feel in muddy terrain !

I feel like the new skill works... a learnt new trick works really well.  but not really happy with earthy accent.
perhaps in the next workshop I'll get the process of choosing color.  
the overall result feels like 'from an ad agency'.

I'm sure that further work in giving a 3d feeling adding some shadows would make this a sold color scheme.

thanks again !


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